Who Is the Real Radical?

Recently posted on the Drudge Report was an article called "Rise of the Radical Nuns," linked to NationalPost.com.  It's about an orthodox order of Catholic nuns called "The Sisters of Life," located in Toronto, who have devoted their life to God in the most extreme way possible – extreme not in a political way, but in a social and cultural way (and economic, for that matter).  The subtitle of the article reads, "Meet the counter-cultural young women who have committed their lives to poverty, obedience and chastity." What immediately came to mind is a comparison of these nuns who have chosen a "radical" lifestyle to those on the far left – i.e., the outspoken leftists in politics, in the media, and on the streets who claim to be the vanguard of the counter-culture and heirs to the radicalism of the sixties. One wonders who the authentic radical is in today's society.  These nuns have rejected...(Read Full Article)