Trump vs. the Neo-Fascists

One of the great horrors of the novel 1984 was the thought police who punished people for having incorrect thoughts. That’s the sort of communist worldview that the vast majority of Americans reject. It’s dismaying that liberals have adapted communist tactics and implemented a new thought police in the guise of the judiciary. Liberal judges have decided that they can read peoples innermost thoughts. That’s the basis for both the 9th and 4th Circuit Courts declaring that Trump’s temporary travel ban is unconstitutional. Both courts agree that the executive order as written is constitutional. Both courts agree that if Hillary or Obama had issued the exact same order it would be constitutional. Both courts declare it to be unconstitutional because they claim to know what Trump was really thinking when he signed the orders. Those two circuit courts are saying that they know that Trump’s thoughts are not sufficiently pure and hence that disqualifies...(Read Full Article)