The Trump Effect on the Middle East

The fledgling Trump administration’s Middle East policy has thus far shown to be a dramatic departure from his predecessor. Thus far, the Trump effect on the Middle East has been a welcome recalibration of American relations with the region, moving away from the Obama Administration's overtures towards Iran and returning to the traditional alliances with Israel, the Sunni Gulf states and with Egypt. Its focus has been on the following key areas:   Shoring Up Regional Allies President Trump’s outreach to the Sunni Gulf states has rallied the Sunni Arabs against Tehran and sends a clear signal that Obama’s conciliatory approach towards Iran is over. This marked change in Washington’s Iran policy has brought relief to the leaders of Israel and the Sunni Gulf States, both of whom had reservations about President Obama and what they believed to be a soft and dangerous policy towards Iran. These regional leaders want to work with President Trump who...(Read Full Article)