The Most Absurd, Needless Cultural Suicide in History

With a family member seriously ill and confined to different hospitals recently, I’ve sought out hospital chapels to be alone and say prayers.  Or I should say I sought out the areas formerly known as “chapels.”  Now they are known as Interfaith Centers or Spiritual Care Areas or Meditation Rooms.  There is no Christian cross hanging in any of them lest someone be offended.  There are, however, Muslim prayer rugs and signs pointing toward Mecca. In some of these spiritual areas you can write down a prayer for your loved one and put it in a prayer wheel: a cylindrical container that has instructions to “spin it” after you put in the tiny paper containing your prayer.  Though the wheels are of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is no telltale Sanskrit on the outside, or anything else indicating it’s anything other than a fun way to spin your prayer from your fingertips up to God, or some Creator, or whatever force you think...(Read Full Article)