The Coal-Asthma Connection

The organized enemies of coal are at bottom enemies of carbon dioxide (CO2). Enemies of CO2 are believers in the greenhouse gas catastrophic global warming hypothesis. That hypothesis is and always has been poorly supported by evidence. The “evidence” is really computer models that make predictions. Those predictions have failed to materialize. Coal is the hydrocarbon fuel with the most carbon and the least hydrogen. Thus, when coal is burned as fuel, more CO2 is released to the atmosphere than would be the case if natural gas were used. The main use of coal is generating electricity. Natural gas is the main alternative to coal for electricity. For the same amount of electricity, using the most efficient technology, coal emits about 2.5 times as much CO2 as natural gas. This is not only due to coal having a greater proportion of carbon, but also to the fact that so-called combined cycle natural gas plants are 50% more efficient than coal plants. The hydrogen in...(Read Full Article)