The Blindness of the United Nations

British Queen Elizabeth I had a motto, semper eaden (always the same). Four centuries later, the United Nations and its various bodies are funny that way in repeating the obvious, and need someone to watch over them. They might be reminded that their main mission is to discuss ways to maintain international peace and security. Regarding the State of Israel and its policies however, the obvious has become an obsession, a fixation or compulsive disorder, that continues to foster. All suffer from this disorder, the Security Council, the General Assembly, UNRWA, UNESCO, UNISPAL the UN Division for Palestinian Rights, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and the UNHRC. The animosity of these organizations on constant display has infected other international bodies which then propound a distorted picture of the Jewish State. The animosity is on full display. Since the creation of Israel in May 1948, the UN Security...(Read Full Article)