Shakespeare Would Defend Trump

If Shakespeare were alive today, he would instantly recognize the New York Times and its treasonous ilk, because Shakespeare feared nothing more than treason and civil war -- which is exactly what happened to the Roman Empire after the plotters stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum.   In our Civil War, a war fought about the Constitution and freedom, 600,000 people died; it was far and away our worst war, and today's demagogues are still trying to twist the reality of that war to sucker all the airheads of the left.  In American history it was the Democrats, of course, who fanatically supported African-American slavery, and who stirred up rebellion against the constitutionally elected president, one Abraham Lincoln, an outsider to the whispering cliques of DC. Lincoln was fiercely hated by selfish Deep Government of the time.  It was also the Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan, to terrorize African-Americans, and to stir up treason by lynch...(Read Full Article)