Russia as Media Manipulator: Nothing New

As the self-aggrieved losing party, the Democratic Party (but that is redundant) has retreated to the dark arts of doubt and deception in efforts to discredit the election of President Trump and hobble the agenda upon which he was elected.  A progressive supportive media gaggle of newscasters follows a scripted litany of trumped up allegations, which are largely Russia-centric.  Did you ever use Russian toothpaste?  Did you ever drink vodka?  Did you ever speak to a Russian?  Claims of false news and media deception muddy formerly rational thinking.  As the optimistically titled independent special investigator Robert Mueller has found more worrisome and factual Russian links to the Obama administration than to President Trump, this witch hunt may ultimately reveal the true source of political maleficence. Of particular outrage to these progressives here and worldwide is President Trump's recent withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate...(Read Full Article)