Revolution Interrupted

Revolution interrupted.  That's how the left views the Trump presidency: as an anomaly, something to be resisted at every turn, even by violent means, until progressives can get the revolution back on track.  They see Trump as a threat to their vision of America as an egalitarian, universalist, godless, centralized state, and they believe that extreme rhetoric and action is justified in opposing him. The attack on Rep. Scalise and other Republicans is profoundly disturbing because it was a direct assault on our democratic process.  The shooter intended to kill GOP lawmakers so as to shift the balance of power to the left.  It was a crude effort – "kill the enemy so as to have one's own way" – but it was not unexpected.  It was, in effect, merely a physical manifestation of the violent rhetoric that has become commonplace on the left. Now there are calls on both sides for a return to civility.  That "civility"...(Read Full Article)