Net Neutrality: Trump's Next Big Target

The Trump Administration has been clear and outspoken in their conviction that net neutrality is a clear regulatory overreach. And recently, White House spokesman Sean Spicer has verbally confirmed that President Trump will be working on ways to reverse neutrality rules in the coming months. The Evolution of the Internet The internet has evolved pretty rapidly over the past 20 years. Most adults remember the days of dialup service, where sounds like these meant you were tapping into the World Wide Web. Then, there was DSL and high-speed internet. At the time, the speed seemed incredible -- but looking back, things essentially moved at a snail’s pace. Then we got Wi-Fi, which allowed us to wirelessly connect to the internet. And now there are mobile hotspots, which let you wirelessly connect anywhere you are, even when there isn’t a Wi-Fi network in your immediate location. Over the years, the internet has evolved -- but one thing has remained consistent: liberals...(Read Full Article)