Health Care's Four Horsemen

Should the Senate Republican health care reform legislation pass, it will usher in another house of horrors just like Obama's patently not affordable health care law. In 2008, Drs. Mark Albanese, George Mejicano, and Larry Gruppen, concerned about "a looming shortage of physicians" wrote about the "four horsemen of the medical education apocalypse" which include teaching patient shortages, teacher shortages, conflicting systems, and financial problems. Rapidly expanding class sizes and new medical schools are coming online as medical student access to teaching patients is becoming increasingly difficult because of the decreasing length and increasing intensity of hospital stays, concerns about patient safety, patients who are stressed for time, teaching physician shortages and needs for increasing productivity from those who remain [.] Further, medical education is facing reductions in funding from all sources, just as it is mounting its first major...(Read Full Article)