'Free' Government-Funded Health Care

The rights enjoyed by Americans have undergone a major transformation from rights that constrain government power -- for example, the Bill of Rights – to rights guaranteeing tangible benefits. This shift is especially notable for healthcare as millions have come to view “free” government-supplied healthcare as an inalienable right akin to the First Amendment’s protection of free speech. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Slowly extending First Amendment rights is one thing; it’s quite another to expand a right whose implementation will cost tens of billions. Unfortunately, this potential calamity grows more likely by the days as liberal pundits denounce President Trump’s cost-cutting replacement of ObamaCare as mean-spirited and cruel while almost on cue TV crews discovers a father in a “red” congressional district who implores the president to keep ObamaCare to save his gravely ill son unable to afford expensive medical...(Read Full Article)