For NATO, Time to Clarify Goals

During President Trump's recent visit to Europe, much was made of the fact that in a speech before NATO leaders, he did not explicitly affirm America's commitment to NATO's Article V.  This put much of European opinion on edge and was one of the things that prompted German Chancellor Merkel to brazenly hint that Europe might have to 'go it alone.'   Everyone knows about Article V, right? It is repeated ad infinitum in press releases and news stories about NATO. "An attack on one member state is an attack on all." The implication here is if, say, Russia overtly attacked even one of the tiny Baltic or other far off front-line states, the U.S. would respond as if Florida was invaded, and we'd be in a no-nonsense war with the Great Bear of the East.   I don't think so. Like so many things in life, the actual understanding of Article V requires drilling down deeper into the details of the treaty....(Read Full Article)