European Union Loots Google

On June 27, the European Commission, an agency of the government of the European Union, placed a $2.71-billion fine upon Google, the American technological giant.  To indicate the anti-American hostility of the Commission, it related the fine not to Google's annual sales in the E.U., but to Google's worldwide sales. The anti-trust authorities in a number of other countries could, taking a lesson from the E.U.'s action, fine Google on the basis of its worldwide sales as well.  Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and India are among the global enforcers who already have commenced their own investigations. Google's strong market position in search is based purely upon the high quality of the search results it returns.  Its crime is that it makes a better product than anybody else and is trying to profit from that fact.  If a better search engine emerges, Google will lose its dominant position.   Economic Warfare against...(Read Full Article)