Dispensing with the Filibuster

The Senate Republicans had the good sense to vote through the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court justice with a simple majority, instead of a 60-vote majority required to overcome a filibuster. Now it’s time for Republicans to abandon the filibuster protocol altogether and adopt a simple majority to advance and pass legislation. They need to do this not because President Trump has encouraged it, but rather because the Democratic Party is now an obstructionist party -- a lawless extra-constitutional party that is committed to sabotaging President Trump and his economic growth initiatives. Democrats now appear more comfortable embracing the George Soros-funded “hate America” crowd of the left than they are inclined to find any common ground with Republicans. And there is little or no prospect of that changing any time soon. The Democratic Party is also joined at the hip with the mainstream media and its 24/7 obsession with drama over substance to denigrate...(Read Full Article)