Cliff-Hanging and Earthquakes

This is shocking, and in our postmodern world I shouldn’t admit it, but I like to think. I know, I know -- if I were truly cool and trendy I’d acknowledge, in grand existentialist style, that everything is just matter, therefore nothing matters, so I should just emote away about whatever matter is currently in vogue. But I can’t. I am human and I was made in God’s image and God thinks, therefore I think. Q. Why isn’t thought more popular, then? (I can hear you thinking.) A. We’ve been taught to start in the wrong place, so we get lost and give up. Q. Where is the wrong place? A. Read on….. Picture two cliffs separated by a great chasm. The cliffs are made of sedimentary rock, layer upon layer, each a slightly different shade. On one side the stone deposits have built up on bedrock, solid and immovable – absolute truth. On the opposite bank the levels are less regular and horizontal. The foundation on which they rest...(Read Full Article)