Anatomy of a Witch Hunt

When Robert Mueller III accepted his position as special counsel, he knew he would have to procure a scalp, or at the very least real blood from the president or someone close to him. Mueller is a much admired man; he has had a good, long, and honorable career.  He has bipartisan respect for having served his country with integrity and distinction.  However, in government, integrity is no guarantee of longevity, or even survival, for that matter.  (See?  "Matter" and "investigation" are not synonyms unless you're Loretta Lynch.)   No one survives in Washington for very long without understanding the establishment and the "game."  With this investigation, the progressive-elite zealots, who constitute the apparatchik-academia-media triad that controls day-to-day governance, the "news," and what our children learn, will accept nothing less than an outcome that permanently damages this president and...(Read Full Article)