Why We Don’t Need the GOP Establishment

The 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska is one of those few Electoral College votes that is up for grabs, rather than being determined on a statewide basis.  It has been regarded nationally as one of the battleground districts.  I am a resident of the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska.  In 2008, our Electoral College vote was won by Barack Obama.  In 2012, it was won by Mitt Romney.  In 2014, our eight-term Republican congressman lost to his Democratic challenger.  In 2016, the vote in the Electoral College was won by Donald Trump.  The congressional seat was regained by the Republicans. We now have a hotly contested race for mayor.  A brief overview of Omaha mayoral politics.  The previous mayor, Democrat Jim Suttle, was elected in 2009 in the runoff election after having lost in the primary to his Republican opponent, former Mayor Hal Daub.  The office is officially nonpartisan, but no one seems to care. ...(Read Full Article)