Why Jared Kushner Was Crucial to the Saudi Opening

Well, the libs have a new scapegoat for their more sadistic rants, Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. They just want to draw a little blood, or maybe see the kill, like the old crowds in dog fights and the bull ring. You have to understand blood sports to get the liberal mindset in these enlightened days.    These bigots keep wondering why Jared Kushner is involved at all. Isn't this nepotism? Is it the Jews again? Or can we think of anything -- anything at all -- to erase Hillary's defeat in the election? Can we change reality pleeeeze?    Well, not, not really. But liberalism has turned into a cult that only talks to itself and shuts out any contradictions to its favorite beliefs. It's pathetic.    So who is this guy Jared Kushner, and why are the jackals running around him?    The first part is easy.    Who is Jared Kushner?    He is Trump's son-in-law, who...(Read Full Article)