Why Jared Kushner Was Crucial to the Saudi Opening

Well, the libs have a new scapegoat for their more sadistic rants, Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. They just want to draw a little blood, or maybe see the kill, like the old crowds in dog fights and the bull ring. You have to understand blood sports to get the liberal mindset in these enlightened days. 
These bigots keep wondering why Jared Kushner is involved at all. Isn't this nepotism? Is it the Jews again? Or can we think of anything -- anything at all -- to erase Hillary's defeat in the election? Can we change reality pleeeeze? 
Well, not, not really. But liberalism has turned into a cult that only talks to itself and shuts out any contradictions to its favorite beliefs. It's pathetic. 
So who is this guy Jared Kushner, and why are the jackals running around him? 
The first part is easy. 
Who is Jared Kushner? 
He is Trump's son-in-law, who helped to contact the Saudi royals, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, the Israelis, and who knows else. Probably the Russians, who are hated by the left now that the Soviet Union has failed. They used to love anything Stalin or Gorbachev did. Now they can't stand Vladimir Putin, who was an actual KGB colonel before the Fall. The left has decided to love people by color, gender, and curious sex habits. They always have to split humanity into artificial blocs; it's the old divide and conquer, and it makes it easier to pretend to understand the victims of this world. Poor, poor pussycat, like tweetie bird used to say. 
Okay -- Jared Kushner. Son in law. Family. Kosher Jew. Why? 
Because family is everything in the Muslim world. There's no way Donald Trump could find anybody better qualified to communicate to the Arab world. Remember, they don't do Harvard degrees and affirmative action. Those are icing on the cake, but the real standard of credibility is family. This goes back to Mohammed and his uncle Ali, who led a split in Islam after the death of the Prophet. Family is crucial in that world, and Trump has the psychology down much better than Barack Hussein, who bowed to the King of Arabia. Bowing means submission, Islam means submission, but submission means following orders even unto death. It doesn't mean peace in our meaning of the term, the absence of hatred and murder. The Muslim meaning is unmistakable: Islam is submission to the commands of Allah as written in the Qur'an, and you don't get to decide what is in there. Your imam decides what you do and what you believe, or your mullah. This is a war theology and all you do is obey your commander (emir) to the letter. Or else your Qur'an commands to "cut you at the neck." You can see it on ISIS videos, and ISIS was endorsed by the Wahhabi tribe in Saudi Arabia, who run the morality police. To keep the women and kids in line, among other benefits. 
Many adolescents, and readers of Fifty Shades of Gray, like this kind of thing. Spoiled Westerners think it's kinda kinky, and adolescents are desperate for some meaning in their empty lives. That's the time of life when human beings are vulnerable to recruitment by any fervent belief system. Cults get their best recruits from lonely kids who feel lost and empty, the "alienated proletariat" mobilized by Hitler and Lenin, among many other fanatical fellows. (It's usually men, but Hillary learned her lifelong dogma at Wellesley. Most women are more down to earth, but indoctrination is what it is. Hillary has never really left Wellesley, as she showed in her speech last week.)
Okay -- Jared Kushner. Son-in-law. Family. What else?
Surprisingly, devout Muslims like devout Jews, as long as they don't make trouble. Like devout Christians, who are recognized as dhimmis in Islam. Being a second-class citizen according to Shariah law is no fun, but it's better than being dead. Muslims are sworn to kill or convert atheists and idol-worshippers, but not devout Jews and Christians, who qualify as People of the Book. Secular Jews and Christians are just atheists. "Secular" means you're not protected by your faith. 
So Jared Kushner has major advantages as a Trump messenger in the Muslim world. He is Trump's son-in-law in a world where family, clan, and tribe still mean everything in life, and where marriages are used to make political alliances, an exchange of a young woman for a great dowry, and the promise of political protection. 
The Sicilian mafia is very similar, and in a tribal world, arranged marriages make very good sense. Even if secular urban liberals disapprove. 
Traditional Muslims see Jared Kushner as a Trump loyalist by family connection, and therefore very powerful with the Boss. It means nothing to have some clown appointed as U.S. ambassador for giving money to Hillary, but family... now you're talking. 
So Jared was perfect for reaching out to the Muslim world. 
Another good reason is that Trump trusts Jared Kushner more than the State Department, and in Arabia, the Boss will keep his sons and sons-in-law on a very short leash if there is ever a breach of trust. 
King Salman appointed two of his most talented sons to be in the line of succession, one as the Minister of Defense and the other as the Minister of Interior, the police and the secret police. That way he can play them off against each other and control the succession, along with his tribal cousins and counselors.
King Salman --- the name means King Solomon --- has kept his daughters under house arrest for years, but if they got married to approved husbands those would be expected to keep them in line. Or else. 
It's an "or else" culture, and if you understand it like Trump does, you can play by those rules. But if you idealize the customs of the desert like goofy liberals such as Obama, you can kowtow all you like, but you'll never have credibility. Desert cred comes from manhood in a very fundamental way. This is a fundamentalist culture. It still has rules that must be obeyed on pain of, well, a lot of pain. 
The modern West is too laid back and too confused, too weak to understand all that, which is one reason why Muslims despise our depraved culture. Our men don't control our women and children, but instead allow them to go naked in the streets. By desert standards Western women have cheapened their value in the marriage market. They are useless for bearing children, because the husband can never be sure if he is the father of a child. The word "whore" means "useless for making sons" in traditional human culture.
The rules have nothing to do with Hollywood movies. They are enforced by regular public executions, after a trial according to Shariah law and customs.  Desert Islam chops off heads to make an example, which is also the reason for terrorism. Blow up 3,000 people on 9/11, and you scare American politicians so much that they won't even complain. Some of them will actually come and bow down to Muslim leaders in a public gesture of abject submission. 
But a deep bow isn't enough if you don't obey orders. They don't do fake bows. Once you surrender by saying the Shahada you're bound for life, on pain of, well, endless pain. Goofy Westerners think that you can just say the words and go back to your decadent ways, but that only applies to the royals, the Saudi billionaires we hear so much about. They have protection to do anything they like, but you don't. 
But if you're Trump and want to build big hotels around the world, you have to understand other cultures in a very practical way. People who think Trump must be an idiot should look in the mirror. 
So why Jared Kushner? For all those reasons, and probably because he's a smart guy who's talked with Trump and his circle for years. Jared is a natural messenger to many people, including the Russians, the Brits, the Europeans, the Saudis, Israel, and Egypt. 
You might not remember that Obama had a lot of contacts with Iranians before the election, but he did. The Muslim Brotherhood, too. Valerie Jarrett was raised in Iran, just as Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia. Early indoctrination is very powerful. The Jesuits understood that perfectly when they proclaimed "give me a boy before he is eight, and we will have him for life." Today that has a rather different connotation. 
So it comes down to family, genuine religious belief, People of the Book, the link between the three monotheistic religions, desert cred, and trustworthiness. Chances are that Trump sent Jared to talk to foreign leaders, but Trump would get on the line if Kushner needed to clarify some point. Experienced negotiators know how easily misunderstandings arise. The more complicated the contract, the more misunderstandings are likely. 
In addition to all that, Trump has profound credibility after the MOAB bomb that killed ISIS "losers" holed up in a mountain in Afghanistan. Trump has credibility because many Arabs know General Jim Mattis, now the SecDef, who has led the new military campaign, where America finally got serious. That MOAB bomb was a clear signal to North Korea, which uses extensive tunneling to threaten the South. It was also a signal to Iran, which does the same thing. Signals are important in war. When you signal a credible threat you might actually avoid a fight, because most enemies don't want to die. If ISIS wants to die, the United States has now signaled a willingness to oblige them. That is another reason why former General el-Sisi of Egypt understands Trump's strategy, and approves. In the real world of war and peace, signals are not applause lines, the way our media see them. They are not "narratives." Under General Mattis, the U.S. Marines in Iraq came with a simple message: "We are the best friends and the worst foes you will ever have." Now you can choose. 
Donald Trump is the most serious President we've had for a long time. Jimmy Carter backed down to the Ayatollah, and killed the Middle East peace process, because he looked like a coward. He didn't count, and the Iranians kept on humiliating him to test his guts. Carter failed every test by their standards, and they are still threatening us every single day. They think Carter, Clinton, and Obama are pushovers, and who is to say they are wrong? 
Trump is not a pushover. Mattis isn't either, and neither are Trump's other appointees. It's ironic that the decadent Europeans don't understand anything, and that our liberals are carbon copies of the Eurosocialist elites. They appease moral monsters instead of fighting them, which is why ISIS burst out on social media videos, showing kids killing enemy soldiers, all of it staged to shame the West and to recruit losers from all over the world. We dare you to get us, and every moral atrocity we commit is another challenge to your values. 
Obama kept backing down and minimizing Islamic terrorism. He would never even say the words. They instantly assumed he was a coward, like Jimmy and Bill, showing American weakness and decadence. Obama's metrosexual style was a funny joke over there. (The Chinese also considered Obama to be easy prey.) 
Liberals constantly proclaim their love for other cultures, but they constantly deny the toughness and meanness of tribal cultures. When reality smacks them in the face, they become like children. Outside of decadent Europe the rest of the world understands liberals very well. So do about half of our voters. 
So Jared Kushner is the new scapegoat for the leftomedia. We will see if Kushner has the right stuff in him. The left is attacking Trump's inner circle, having tasted blood with General Flynn and other victims. 
It's amazing how primitive the lynch mobs of the left really are. This wouldn't be news to Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt. It's not news for inner city gangs or the president of Mexico, where 20,000 people have died in gang wars. It's not news to the Chicago Democratic Machine, including Michelle Obama's father, the ward boss. 
All those hard people know how to push nice people around, and they are now quite open about their racist hatred against whites. College kids are supposed to apologize for the color of their skin, a bizarre throwback to the worst of Jim Crow, but it's another tactic of intimidation that's worked like a charm for Jerry Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and the Wellesley feminists. If your enemy backs off, push harder. The hard left is making war (it always has) and nice people can't understand why we can't get along. Marxism is a war doctrine --- they actually mean it when they call for class war and "revolutionary terror." The inner core of the Democratic Party is communist again. Marxism is a war theology, too. 
And that's the way it is, today in May of 2017. This is not a game, and it's not an exercise. This is the world we have allowed to come back to haunt us.
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