Two-Faced Saudis Welcome Trump

"Drive them out!  Drive them out!"  With these words, Pres. Donald J. Trump sounded the alarm against the evils of Islamic terrorism, which has led to the genocide, murder, torture, enslavement, and horrible injuries of people on every continent, and against more Muslims than against any other group.  He emphasized that the USA is not going to define or even try to define the cultural values of the (Sunni) Islamic world.  Nonetheless, for the preservation of their values, and for the sake of nation states throughout the world, the Saudis and every other Islamic nation within hearing distance of Trump's speech should drive out and destroy the evil, subversive tide of terrorism. Seemingly to express Sunni Arab agreement with the Trump call to "drive them out," the Gulf Cooperation Council signed a memorandum of understanding with Trump "to prosecute individual members of their countries who funnel money to terror groups." ...(Read Full Article)