Trump’s Outdated WH Media Operation Has to Go

Radio radio talk show titan Michael Savage frets that perceptions are damaging the president. The left is capitalizing. Trump should step back. He should “let all the president’s men stand up there and take the heat,” said Savage. Trouble is the president’s men -- and ladies -- are overmatched. Or they’re hamstrung. The White House’s media operation reeks of Old Washington. It’s strategically stale and predictable – except for the president. And the tactics are just about what you’d expect from W’s White House. The president deserves a communications strategy and execution as groundbreaking and bold as himself. Thematically, the president needs to move from a Washington to an “America” communications strategy and operation. The differences aren’t subtle; they’re downright huge.   Said Savage, per INFOWARS: “Number one, stop the impulsive tweeting. It’s unnecessary, it...(Read Full Article)