Trump Gets Real

There were real accomplishments in President Trump's first 100 days, despite obstruction from Democrats and many in his own party.  Granted, these accomplishments were less than one might hope, but they do confirm the president's intention of actually fulfilling his promises.  Unlike his predecessor, who was so concerned about managing spin that he never got around to governing, Trump is a doer.  He resides in the real world, not in the world of fake news and fake politics. In less than four months, Trump has rescinded some of the Obama-era regulations on energy and financial services, provided much-needed moral support for our military and our police, and appointed an outstanding conservative to the Supreme Court.  For many Americans, the president has also restored a sense of hope, evident perhaps in a rising stock market and increasing small business activity.  Certainly, Trump's promises were overblown to begin with, and many of his...(Read Full Article)