Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State

For all of his stage-crafted gravitas and preening, James Comey was a bantamweight, yearning to be anointed with the heavyweight crown by securing a lifetime sinecure from the Deep State. After all, his most prominent prosecution in his career as U.S. Attorney was convicting Martha Stewart -- not for actual insider securities trading, but for lying to the FBI and misleading her investors by proclaiming her innocence. No matter, Comey the hi-octane prosecutor saved the securities industry from the ravages of Martha -- the master manipulator of stuffed endive ginger dip. And with that coveted scalp, later as assistant AG under John Ashcroft, Comey appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to be the special prosecutor who nailed Dick Cheney’s aide Scooter Libby -- not for the actual unmasking of Valerie Plame, a purported undercover CIA operative -- but for obstructing the investigation. Fitzgerald, and Comey knew from the beginning the identity of the leaker, Colin Powell’s...(Read Full Article)