This 100 Days Thing Is Rubbish

Here we are all discussing President Trump and his first 100 days. As if it matters, yet. Politics combines two impossible dreams. Some people want to use government and politics to return to the golden age of the past; other people want to use government and politics to realize a fantastical dream of the future. President Trump got elected at least in part by promising to recover for the white working class the good old days of good jobs at good wages in the good old manufacturing industry of the 1950s. He proposed to do this with good trade deals, building a wall, and repealing ObamaCare. Oh, and tax cuts. President Obama got elected by promising a new golden age of Hope and Change. He implemented this by bailing out state and local governments, passing ObamaCare, regulating finance, putting the brake on fossil fuel energy development, and dividing the nation on race and gender. In other words, U.S. politics is nothing more than baying at the moon while chanting spells...(Read Full Article)