The Real Reason Washington Post Republicans Hate Donald Trump

When George Will and other leading intellectuals started to rip holes in their warm comfort couches in despair at Donald Trump's long series of victories, culminating in his election to the presidency, a lot of us were scratching our heads.  What was it about winning that drove George Will, Jonah Goldberg, and Bill Kristol to despair?  It made no sense.  Their Conservative Cringe makes even less sense today, when Trump is carrying out a series of actions that we have long clamored for.  Well, Mr. Will has finally identified his complaint in a WaPo opinion piece dramatically called "Trump Has a Dangerous Disability." Donald Trump is suffering from a mental disorder, says Mr. Will, which doesn't actually appear in the psychiatric manual, but it still makes him mad as a hatter.  What kind of madness affects Trump?  Apparently it's his evasion of grammatical sentences.  It's syntactophobia, maybe, or dyslexia...(Read Full Article)