The Real Reason Washington Post Republicans Hate Donald Trump

When George Will and other leading intellectuals started to rip holes in their warm comfort couches in despair at Donald Trump's long series of victories, culminating in his election to the presidency, a lot of us were scratching our heads.  What was it about winning that drove George Will, Jonah Goldberg, and Bill Kristol to despair? 

It made no sense. 

Their Conservative Cringe makes even less sense today, when Trump is carrying out a series of actions that we have long clamored for. 

Well, Mr. Will has finally identified his complaint in a WaPo opinion piece dramatically called "Trump Has a Dangerous Disability."

Donald Trump is suffering from a mental disorder, says Mr. Will, which doesn't actually appear in the psychiatric manual, but it still makes him mad as a hatter. 

What kind of madness affects Trump? 

Apparently it's his evasion of grammatical sentences.  It's syntactophobia, maybe, or dyslexia of the intellect.  Or something. 

Now, I happen to think that Trump's political jargon is a shrewd way to dodge the murderous hatred of our fair-minded media, the people Mr. Will spends his life with.  We know they examine every syllable emerging from Trump's mouth, ready to draw blood as soon as they can distort and lie about something he says that is perfectly innocent. 

Trump has developed an effective way to reach you and me.  We understand his private code, which leaves liberals foaming at the mouth.  They really don't get what he says – because, for one thing, they never listen to conservative talk radio.  About half of American voters have listened to Limbaugh and all the others over decades, on and off, enough to get the basic language.  Trump has to say only half a sentence, and we know how to fill in the rest. 

Conservative radio happens to reflect the ideas of the American Founders more than any other line of political discourse today, especially the cult language of snowflakes and space cadets in our universities.  If you can't even tell who is sane and who is not, of course you won't get Trump, either. 

That's the enemy-mined battle space for American politics today, and Trump has adapted to it more successfully than any conservative since Ronald Reagan. 

But if you live, as George Will does, in the airy-fairy cocktail circuit of Washington sophisticates, where you actually get to finish a sentence before howling leftists jump down your throat, you might not know that. 

Donald Trump has shrewdly and deliberately navigated the anti-conservative minefield.  His actions (as opposed to his words) are finely calibrated to achieve intelligent ends. 

Trump is on his third fabulous career.  First, the international hotel business, where competition is extremely hot.  Second, his showbiz career, where things are even more competitive, if anything.  And third, his run for the presidency, where the New York Times wants to kill you, bad, and will resort to Pravda and Goebbels methods to destroy your credibility. 

Having built three fabulous careers is not an accident.  Trump is a man who has achieved major career goals when he set his mind to it.  The normal standard of rational behavior is effective functioning in the real world.  When the world is mad, you have to figure out how to cope, and our national politics is both irrational and self-destructive. 

Among our presidents, there have been some who talked in complete sentences, like Obama with his two teleprompters, one to the left and one to the right, so he could fake sincerity in both directions.  Obama had his personal fiction writer to support his grandiose fantasy life in complete sentences.  Like his inaugural promise to lower the level of the seas.

Big deal. 

BHO talked well and acted like a jihadist.  One of his first appointments, one Elibiary, has just told us that Coptic Christians who were murdered in their church in Cairo "had it coming to them."

I would rather have a stutterer for a president than someone who supports the massacre of innocents.  Wouldn't you? 

We've had less articulate presidents, like Eisenhower, Truman, and Bush 41 and 43.  History will judge their actions, but I happen to believe they were genuine patriots.  They cared about the right things and did their best, while being sabotaged by the Demagogue Party. 

When a president does his utmost to achieve the best results for his country and the world, I could not care less about his syntax. 

After thinking about George and Jonah and Bill, who unanimously headed for the hills when Trump started to win, I've finally concluded that they despised Trump because he sounded low-class.  It's a class thing. 

Well, the D.C. establishment also despised Abe Lincoln as a low-class hick from the backwoods who spoke with a country accent.  But they adored Woodrow Wilson, a dreadful president, because he spoke in whole sentences.  He might have been horribly wrong about the League of Nations (now the über-corrupt U.N.), but hey, he had a Ph.D. 

I'm sorry to see our guys destroy their reputations among ordinary conservatives over such a trivial matter.  But it means they can't tell the difference between reality and syntax.  That lack of common sense disqualifies them in my mind. 

By George Will standards, Barack Hussein was the greatest president in history, while Harry Truman was a syntactically impaired goofball. 

I happen to disagree. 

Don't you?