The Lies They Tell

Tuvia Tenenbom's newest book, The Lies They Tell (Gefen Publishing: 2017), is a social anthropology about America and its Jewish community.  Tenenbom is a bestselling author, journalist, and dramatist holding a B.A. in mathematics and computer science.  He finished Orthodox rabbinical studies in Jerusalem and "Christianity, Islam, journalism, acting, theatre and finance" at NYU.  He tells people he encounters on his wanderings across America that he is a German journalist. Tenenbom spent a year on the road engaging ordinary folk in dinner-type conversations about life in America, asking their opinions about social change, national and international politics, and Israel.  He meets "the people," in churches, synagogues, squalid inner cities, bars, restaurants, Indian casinos and reservations, homeless camps, political rallies, conventions, and news conferences.  Through these sometimes disheartening, frequently hilarious encounters,...(Read Full Article)