The Ivory Tower Man: Why Academia Hates Guns

There is a particular strain of humanity now deeply rooted in Western culture that we can refer to as the Ivory Tower Man. This individual is the product of an entire cultural philosophy. He is the result of several generations that have faced no immediate danger or challenge to life itself; he is the spawn of the Nanny State. The Ivory Tower Man is found throughout all current age groups and academia is especially rife with this character. The rise of this Ivory Tower Man can be attributed to the rapid urbanization of our society combined with an abundance of resources and technology that has made it possible for people to be soft. Wimps can now survive and thrive. Everyone gets a trophy. Our lifestyle is less strenuous than has been the experience for all past generations. And, above all, due to scientific advancements life is now more secure than it has ever been in human history. Sure, bad things happen to others, but the Ivory Tower Man does not personally see these things on...(Read Full Article)