The Coming Conservative Supreme Court

The left lives by abusing power and taking the rules of political processes and twisting those rules for naked advantage.  So for many decades, brazen gerrymandering of state legislative districts and congressional districts assured Democrats for almost a half-century of unbroken control of the House of Representatives, with all the mischief that brings. Now the left whines about how "undemocratic" gerrymandering is, but no one in his right mind believes that a misty-eyed love of democracy motivates this whining.  Instead, Democrats see decades of minority status in that same House of Representatives because of Republican gerrymandering – a vice Republicans repeatedly called to end during their long years out of power in state legislatures and in the House of Representatives, which was met by howls of laughter from Democrats. Conservatives have learned the same lesson regarding the federal bench, especially the Supreme Court.  These conservatives...(Read Full Article)