Talking about the 2024 LA Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was in Los Angeles two weeks ago, inspecting facilities before deciding whether the city should be awarded the 2024 Summer Games. They apparently liked what they saw, which is a good sign for LA’s bid to host the global sporting event. Unfortunately, the city’s Olympic bid has spent little time explaining just how much all of this is going to cost American taxpayers. Conservative voices have been uncharacteristically quiet on Los Angeles’ efforts to win the Olympics, even though the Games would cost not just California but also the federal government billions of dollars at a time when the budget deficit still clocks in at over $350 billion. Supporters of the bid argue it would be relatively cheap for the city to host the Games, with LA 2024 estimating the competition would “only” cost $5 billion. The group claims Los Angeles already has the majority of the infrastructure required to hold the event in...(Read Full Article)