Rest Easy, Dad: Your FBI Will Survive

My father was a Special Agent in the FBI.  Born in 1916, he grew up with ten brothers and sisters on the wharves of Galveston. Like most back then, the Goodson family scratched its way through the Depression and bit every nickel to see if it was real.  All of the kids went to public schools. There was no money for college, but dad got into Rice University which was free if you had the grades.  He took a degree in history, and went on to law school at the University of Texas.  Dad dropped in and out of law school, working at different jobs to scrape together enough money to pay for the next semester. In 1942, he graduated, passed the Texas bar, and fulfilled his lifelong dream of joining the FBI. It was a heady time to work for the Bureau, and an honor and a privilege that he was supremely proud of until the day he died.  A.C. Goodson was good at what he did, and in 1943 his team of FBI agents captured Public Enemy No....(Read Full Article)