President Trump's Trailblazing Pro-Israel Actions

Many were waiting for President Trump’s trip to Israel to decide whether Mr. Trump’s pledges of friendship and support for Israel were as real today as what had been enunciated during his presidential campaign. Some had suggested that Mr. Trump had been “deep-stated” by those within the establishment who were ambivalent regarding the important alliance between our country and Israel. The results are in. During the last three days, Mr. Trump has made trailblazing and unprecedented gestures before the entire world demonstrating an unequivocal bond and affection for the Jewish people and for the Jewish State. In his visit to Saudi Arabia, while addressing the assemblage of those representing most of the Arab world, Mr. Trump declared words that previous leaders may have believed but were afraid, unwilling, or hesitant to utter. The President adamantly spoke to them about a State of Israel, a state that he admires, and went further in affirming Israeli...(Read Full Article)