Palestinians Running the Chile?

Chile is becoming instructive on what happens when a well coordinated minority can turn a decent republic to its own ends.  That minority is the Palestinian community in Chile, and it has completely distorted Chile's foreign policy. In Chile, they have a saying: "Three things one would definitely find in every city and village: a priest, a policeman and a Palestinian." Chile's Palestinians go way back, some even to the 19th century.  Many are now third- and fourth-generation Chilean, often intermarried with Chile's other ethnic stock: the Spanish, the Basque, the Italians, the Germans, et al.  Though small in number, about 3%, they are highly overrepresented in all the professions, as well as in banking, manufacturing, and real estate. If this sounds like a similar ethnic group in America, it is.  Gabriel Zaliasnik, the 2010 head of Chile's Jewish community, said, "The Palestinian community is to Chile what the Jewish...(Read Full Article)