New York City's Reduced Crime Rates: Don't Be Fooled

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio recently boasted of a historic reduction in the city's crime rates.  While statistics don't lie, they can be pretty deceptive if not analyzed intelligently and within the proper context.    Upon closer examination, it is eminently clear that the main reductions in crime have occurred in the rough and generally known to be unsafe neighborhoods, which are more often than not located in housing project areas of Brooklyn and the Bronx.  The notoriously high number of shootings in East New York, Brownsville, Mott Haven, Port Morris, and so forth has declined, as residents of these heavily crime-infested regions are killing each other less and are victims of violence at a reduced frequency – whereas the safer areas of the city, such as Manhattan's Upper East Side and Financial District, Brooklyn's Borough Park (Chassidic), and large areas of Queens and...(Read Full Article)