Is Islam a Genocidal Religion?

Most people have some knowledge of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey beginning in 1915 during World War I. Westerners believe the mass killings were an ethnic conflict between “Turks” and “Armenians.”  However, the Muslim Turkish officials who declared a jihad to exterminate their entire population of Christians were motived by religion, not ethnicity. Nearly two million Christians were murdered by way of deportation in railway cattle wagons, mobile killing squads, mass shootings, and starvation in concentration camps. Why did Muslim Turks call a jihad for the mass murder of their Christian countrymen? Islam’s Relationship with Judaism and Christianity From the inception of Islam in the 6th century, the relationship between Islam and the Jewish and Christian communities under its control was codified in Islamic law and practice. As Islam burst forth from Arabia in 600 CE, millions were conquered throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and...(Read Full Article)