How Does Election-Rigging Work in Iran?

Around the time of Iran’s presidential elections, for as far back as the first round in 1980, vote-rigging has not been unusual. Ever since the regime’s founding father Ruhollah Khomeini took power, a pattern was set to “select” a man for the job with the blessing of powerhouses such as the Supreme Leader’s establishment and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The Guardianship of Jurisprudence (Vali-ye faqih), or, the Supreme Leadership, does not in any form or shape have much respect for elections as they are seen in normal democracies, because the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei considers people as "his sheep" lost in the world and in desperate need of guidance. He said recently that we have to show the world our popularity at home and remind them that we ‘respond to our enemies with people’s turnout and show their will and desire for supporting the Islamic Republic.’ They came up with a solution to couple some...(Read Full Article)