Help Wanted: Women as Recruiters for ISIS

The landscape of war has dramatically changed, casting conventional weapons as secondary to the power of propaganda.  The first social media war in history is now being fought by online soldiers.  From the comfort of their own homes, secretly playing keyboard jihadis, anonymous recruiters prey on the fantasies of the would-be recruit to serve on the virtual front line. The most treacherous and damaging material support for ISIS is the online ability to manipulate and radicalize recruits worldwide.  Now ISIS posts "help wanted" announcements for online recruiters who have skills that kill – and business is booming. The Tremendous Value of Women as Recruiters Surprisingly, employment with ISIS as a recruiter is financially rewarding.  "That just shows how important it is to them and how much they treasure and value the recruitment capabilities of web pages and social media."  Dark web warriors are serving as front-line...(Read Full Article)