Health Care: In Government We Trust?

The current debate on health care has been framed largely in terms of policy, with disagreements focusing mostly on whether the details of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or the details of the American Health Care Act (the bill that was recently passed by Republicans in the House of Representatives) are bad or good.  But these are secondary points.  The primary (often deliberately overlooked) point is that, under the Constitution, the federal government does not have the power to adopt any law, bad or good, regarding this kind of health care. Overall, the Constitution is structured in a way that protects the rights of the people from being violated by the federal government.  And the rights of the people -- since the beginning of U.S. history -- have been defined as the natural rights to life, liberty, and property. In the Founding Era, it was fully understood that governments deprive people of life, liberty, and property not only by taking life, liberty, and...(Read Full Article)