Failing Those Who Served Us

Three years after the 2014 Veterans Health Administration scandal erupted in headlines, outrage, investigations, and the resignation of then-secretary of veterans' affairs Eric Shinseki, veterans still must contend with an agency that provides less than stellar service. A government report issued in February found that the VA's shift to using more private-sector care for veterans has its own problems.  They include cumbersome authorization and scheduling procedures, inadequate provider networks, and the potential for veterans having to pay their own treatment costs.  Plus wait times for care, the heart of the 2014 scandal, are still long: an average of 45 days for 53% of veterans. Problematic health care, as well as the descent into homelessness for a growing number of our nation's veterans, belies our posture of national pride in our troops.  We label them heroes, and then we fail to properly provide for them. The problems of inadequate health care...(Read Full Article)