Darkness at the Heart of Liberal Progressivism

We live in a nation in which the Constitution does not mention God.  Many on the left have used this fact to argue that the United States is a secular nation.  They then expand on this to justify banning all religious expression from any government forum, including public schools. History teaches us otherwise.  The Constitution excluded mention of God, not because the Founders were irreligious, but quite to the contrary, they were all members of various and sundry religious establishments, and wished to keep it that way.  They reasonably feared that if the government were allowed to define God, then religious freedom would be lost. This is why the Establishment clause of the First Amendment is balanced against the Free Exercise clause.  Both are necessary, not for the exclusion of religion, but for its protection.  The Founders rightly insisted upon both principles.  Each of them protects the other. That history has been turned on its...(Read Full Article)