Comey Fired -- Now Indict Hillary

Former FBI Director Comey and acting attorney general Yates were fired for essentially the same reason, namely, usurping authority they did not have. Comey assumed the judgment, authority, and prerogatives of the attorney general to address Hillary Clinton’s crimes last July, only to exonerate her. Even if he had recommended an indictment and prosecution, he would have been wrong to hold that press conference. His job was to investigate and put his findings quietly in the AG’s inbox. But not only was he wrong to hold that press conference, his recommendation not to indict was wrong as well. We have corrected one wrong. It is time to correct the other. In a conversation with Fox Mews’ Martha MacCallum, Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested that Comey’s firing was bad news for Hillary Clinton, clearing the way for her indictment for violations of the Espionage Act: ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Let me suggest another scenario, that Rod...(Read Full Article)