Biometrics: A Different Kind of Border Wall

The liberal media rejoiced at the news that Donald Trump’s border wall received precious little money from the recent omnibus spending bill -- thanks to a combination of anti-wall Republicans, Democrats, and shady dealings -- but this is hardly a time for conservatives to abandon ourselves to despair. This message goes out especially to Ann Coulter, who lamented to Tucker Carlson that Trump is failing to act like the “bull in the china shop” she was hoping for. While Ann thinks not building the wall would be the end of America, this attitude completely misses the point. Even if the brick and mortar wall won’t be going to be built any time soon, the country is making strides towards building what many call the “other border wall." Made up of improved and more widely deployed biometrics entry-exit screening systems, this long-delayed virtual wall will be indispensable for national security once finally put into place. Trump has already...(Read Full Article)