Bioengineering: The Next Terror Threat

Modern society glides around on a cushion of the cyberworld with nary a thought. We have assimilated computer technology and all its many advantages into our lives to the point where we cannot conceive being without it. Then comes something like the massive global cyberattack on May 12 that affected over 200,000 computer terminals. This only goes to show, yet again, how vulnerable our computer dependent systems and data bases are to attack, theft, and disruption.  For the longest time now, the consensus of cybersecurity experts has been that it's only a matter of time for a cyber 9/11 to be carried out, such as a massive attack on America's electrical grid, our transportation systems or financial infrastructure.   Right now all the focus is on cyberattacks, But there is another new technology that advances every day, one that might even be less controlled than what is found in cyberspace. This is the realm of bioengineering. Drew Miller,...(Read Full Article)