Andrew Sullivan: Defining Decency Down

A word on Andrew Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan -- a fake conservative -- recently penned his displeasure with the GOP bill that (barely) repeals and replaces ObamaCare. I know -- no one should be surprised that an HIV-positive unrepentant homosexual who’s “married” to another man, and who once advertised for multiple-partner unprotected sex, is displeased with Republican legislation on health care. Sullivan’s criticisms aren’t anything new, but he does provide an interesting look into the liberal mindset when it comes to the role of government and what is “decent.” Sullivan -- in spite of living a life that is quite contradictory to both -- has long claimed to be a conservative and a Christian. After the GOP-led House took the first steps toward officially giving ObamaCare its well-deserved legislative funeral, Sullivan wrote, You might think Obamacare would violate my generally conservative principles, but it didn’t. In fact, it...(Read Full Article)