A Global Warming Surprise

Exploring some of the intricacies of GW [Global Warming] science can lead to surprising results that have major consequences.  In a recent invited talk at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC-12 [Twelfth International Conference on Climate Change], I investigated three important topics:  1. Inconsistencies in the surface temperature record.  2. Their explanation as artifacts arising from the misuse of data.  3.  Thereby explaining the failure of IPCC to find credible evidence for anthropogenic global warming (AGW). A misleading graph In the iconic picture of the global surface temperature of the 20th century [fig 1, top]  one can discern two warming intervals -- in the initial decades (1910-42) and in the final decades, 1977 to 2000. Fig 1  20th century temps;  top—global; bottom-- US   Although these two trends look similar, they are really  quite different:  the initial warming is genuine, but...(Read Full Article)