You Can’t Fire Bill O’Reilly

Fox cannot fire Bill O’Reilly because it is not their platform. That belongs to me. And you. And O’Reilly. It certainly does not belong to a couple of trust fund kids and their trophy wives playing dress-up with Daddy’s toys. Nor does it belong to clueless analysts who say no one will notice when O’Reilly does not show up for work this week. "Fox has built a powerful platform that is the go-to place for people with a certain worldview and so to some degree it doesn’t matter who is on,” said Brian Wieser, a senior analyst of advertising, media and internet at Pivotal Research Group LLC. We are not talking about retiring Babe Ruth because he can no longer hit the curve ball. O’Reilly is at the peak of his game. At the peak of his connection with his audience. Ratings show that. Even so, without advertisers, ratings are moot. Maybe O’Reilly will turn out to be the greatest sex criminal of the 21st century. But whatever...(Read Full Article)