Why Do Leftists Hate America?

A few days ago, I caught Trump's speech to the Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference.  In a nutshell, Trump vowed to fix the job-killing, out-of-control, crazy regulations harming businesses.  Trump said, "One of my first acts as president was to stop one of the great sellouts of the American worker."  Calling NAFTA a disaster, Trump said he took us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  The audience erupted with applause.  Trump is swiftly dismantling many of Obama's anti-America agenda items. It dawned on me: this guy is simply implementing commonsense policies in the best interest of America and her citizens who elected him.  So why is the American left responding with such unprecedented vitriol and bold, treasonous obstructionism?  The simple answer is that leftists hate America and her biblical values.  Therefore, when Trump came along vowing to make America great again, he ignited the...(Read Full Article)