Who Really Controls the Modern Democratic Party?

Politically, the Democratic Party is the home of progressivism, or liberalism. At least today’s Democratic Party. JFK, a Democrat from fifty years ago, would be politically to the right of many current Republicans. Compared to today’s Democrats, JFK would be in Trump territory. Conventional wisdom views the media as the public relations arm of the Democratic Party. Commonly referred to as “Democrat party operatives with bylines,” big media trumpets the progressives' message 24-7, from the nation’s major newspapers, network news shows, and most cable outlets, with a few exceptions, such as at Fox News. But where is the mothership of progressivism? The media, or the Democratic Party? Or is it something larger? Rush Limbaugh, self-described as “the big voice on the right,” recently revised his thinking on Democrats and the media. His new view is that, “the Democrats are an arm of the media, not that the media is an arm of the...(Read Full Article)