White People Always Steal from Black People โ€“ So Does Oprah

White people are always stealing stuff from black people. And black people, like Oprah, don’t like it. Neither do third-grade teachers in lily white schools. Just a few months ago, my friend’s third-grade son informed him that white music record labels steal black music and never pay for it. He learned that from a teacher who spent an hour breaking it down how the Beach Boys stole "Surfin’ USA" from Chuck Berry’s "Sweet Little 16". But the teacher left out the punchline: Chuck sued and won and today he is listed -- and paid -- as co-author of the song. Ditto Robin Thicke and Pharell: last year, a judge ruled they owed the estate of Marvin Gaye $5 million for a similar offense. The list of black creation and white theft is a long one, we are told -- stretching back to the pyramids right up to the space program. And every scholar of Critical Race Theory will tell you it is one of the reasons for the historic poverty of...(Read Full Article)